Racial Hate Crimes

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There’s a lot of hate crimes going on in the world today, It’s being highly debated as to whether or not hate crimes should be legislated against. “Hate Crimes” are referred to as criminal acts against a person, group, or property due to one’s race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. (Civil Rights-Hate Crimes-Overview), an individual who experiences a hate crime may be threatened, harassed, physically harmed, or killed. To ensure that protection laws have been established by society against those who commit hate crimes, There’s numerous debates among the public about laws that shouldn’t punish individuals more harshly based on the motivation of their crime; instead a criminal should only be punished for the crime(s) they committed.…show more content…
In Lieberman’s statemen, its obvious that when a person mumbles a racial slur underneath their breath, it could be concluded that it’s intentional and may lead to a confrontation. Final Project 3 For example, there’s this openly gay or lesbian student that attends college and they are constantly being taunted and ridiculed due to their sexual orientation. Every time the student passes by a particular group of students, they call them “queer” or “faggot” based on this example, It’s evident that hate crimes don’t occur by accident but they are premeditated and well thought out in advance. Not only are hate crimes intentional, they are personal. They carry an emotional and psychological impact on both the victim and the victim’s community. This crime physically wounds, and often, intimidate other members of the victims community which leaves them feeling terrorized (Lieberman 81). Matthew Shepard was a young 21 year old gay male who was brutally beaten, tied to a fence and left for dead. His murder not only emotionally devastated the small community , but it had a major psychological impact on its residents (ABC NEWS). When a hate crime of this magnitude or any act of violence are committed, the targeted group or community are left feeling
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