Racial Hierarchy Of African Consciousness

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History “…is contained in every facet in life…” with a direct relationship between money, power, rulership, and domination, (Wilson). But what happens, when history is distorted through an immortal instrument that is metamorphosed in the lens of one speaker? The understanding of human races become nothing of importance, allowing those writing the past to stay on top of a racial hierarchy. Three racially distinctive authors, Amos Wilson, Rodolfo Acuña, and Edward Said, come together in their writings, The Falsification of African Consciousness, Occupied America, and Orientalism, respectively, emphasizing the importance of how those writing books develop cultures; to open the eyes of people, so they don’t allow the distortion of who they are. All three authors do this by vocalizing multiple times differently to a point where it is understood by the reader, allowing them to get clarity in the mechanics of the world, and allowing them to choose with the continuation of this way.
Through the Falsification of African Consciousness, Wilson relays that it is those who control the understanding of history, who control the reality of people’s culture. In the book, Wilson starts off by introducing that without any knowledge of the past permits the authorization for cultural misrepresentation. Specifically, he emphasizes the creation of an unfamiliar Afrikan culture by Europeans. Wilson states, “History has been down played in this society…I often say in this regard that if there were
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