Racial Identity And Gender Identity Essay

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During the time I was born, in the 90’s, stereotypes were taught to children through school, family members, and media. “A stereotype is a mental category based on exaggerated and inaccurate generalizations used to describe all members of a group” (Bennett 91). As a child, I obviously did not realize I was being taught these cruel definitions based to categorize people into which racial group they should belong to. To put it another way, Bennett states, “As psychologists have pointed out, stereotyping is a natural phenomenon in that all humans develop mental categories to help make sense of their environments” (91). Provided that, I stereotyped my interviewee the same exact way numerous people stereotype me. For this reason, to better understand both the interviewee and myself racial identity, I consequently analyzed how we each portrait the world we live in. Henceforth, in order to understand my own identity, required me to map my racial identity using Banks typology of ethnic identity development. As a result, I concluded that I belonged in stage four: biethnicity. Banks describes biethnicity for individuals who believe are a part of not only their own ethnic culture group, as well as in another one (88). To clarify, I participate in both Ecuadorian and American culture. For example, my family and I celebrate the American holiday known as Thanksgiving, regarding the traditional American cuisines. Instead, my family and I celebrate Thanksgiving and other American holidays
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