Racial Identity And Its Impact On Society

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In our society, race identity is brought up everyday and is a subject that still separates people even to this day. Race is a very sensitive subject for most people and is still an issue today regarding jobs and opportunity. One of the major influences in our culture as well as a depiction of our interests and entertainment value is film. Film is one of the most important forms of media in our culture because it speaks to a very large audience and sets the tone for morals and values of our culture. Film has the ability to force a perspective to the public through selected storytelling and opinion. Racial identity has always been present in film through many different ways. Over time, racial identity in film has become more subtle and less up front to the audience. The depiction of African Americans being mentally deficient and dangerous in film is a setback for our culture and a denial of equality between races. For many years, film has been shown to represent the thoughts and customs of our society. Most of the time you can tell when the movie was made based on the content and dialogue used in the film. The portrayal of African Americans in film is one of the most brought up topics when discussing racial identity in film. This racial identity has been the most noticed within our culture because of the change in our culture since the Civil Rights Era. Most films back in that time mostly casted white people, or white people playing as black characters with blackface on, or
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