Racial Identity And Its Influence On Young People Of Diverse Backgrounds

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In the modern era, the “hipster” trend’s popularity has skyrocketed among young people of diverse backgrounds. As these groups often unconsciously conform to several dominant fashions, they have also begun to challenge traditional boundaries. In particular, the hipster trend eliminates many gender specific styles, has opened a new front of acceptance and tolerance for new notions of gender identity, which were formerly highly confrontational. However, as with all popular trends has become difficult for many young people not to conform to the hipster trend, especially when the fashion industries and other influences integrate the trend into society, until it becomes a norm. This cultural dominance ultimately contradicts the key components…show more content…
Countless of people in the United States fit into this description and can be labelled a hipster.
With the information from Google Trends data that gives an approximation for areas in the United States (U.S) where the hipster trend is most popular. The top seven states in the United States where the hipster trend adoration is at the highest are: California, New York, Washington, Illinois, Utah, Texas, and Pennsylvania. The top cities in the United States where the trend is dominantly are in: New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle. (Google , 2015) It is not a shock that these cities would be known for being a popular site for the hipster trend, since these cities are known for progressive thinking and focusing of individuality. The hipster trend is not only a highly admirable trend, but it is also making significant changes in the way society views gender barriers with regards to clothing.
The progression of tolerance associated with the hipster image has led the millennial youth to question and remove gender identity boundaries related to fashion. Before the hipster trend the idea of males wearing bright
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