Racial Ideology Has Affected The Western World

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Racial ideology has affected the Western world since the days of chattel slavery.In John Arthur’s words, racism can be said to be a form of prejudice in just that form; an attitude based insufficient evidence or on the beliefs formulated on ideas that are held on too firmly with inadequate reliance on information that can call these ideas into question (Bader 32). For instance there was a negative attitude adopted towards the African American during the early colonization period in the history of America. The Europeans exercised their harsh hegemonic power over the Africans brought from the African continent. The Africans were brutalized by the system. Europeans, on the other hand, justified their oppression using the negative imaging of Africans during slavery. Racism is still expressed in different ways prowling people’s minds in the society today (Young 52). On a lighter note though, the election of Barrack Obama as the President of the United States visibly demonstrated that there is an air of change concerning the issue. This can be considered a first step towards liberty and equity.However, statistics show that a large portion of blacks in America are still illiterate and have a high chance of spending a part of their life in prison. Racism can thus be said to have been transformed to a new form and not annihilated (Young 67). Many African American authors have tried to counter these prejudices reposition the place of the blacks in the society through their literary…
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