Racial Inequality

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Racial inequality has been present for longer than it can be dated; however, the gruesome way it has impacted its victims, and the remainings left in one’s life are not properly accounted. The reasons for racial prejudice is uncertain, and skin color it is not justifiable, though the different class levels and the association people make between social status and skin color are some of the sources that unfairly divides people. In Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates explains to his son, in the format of a letter, the real struggle of being black in a place of privileged that knock down people’s rights and destroy black bodies, if not physically, emotionally. He also introduces the “Dreamers,” American citizens that blindly buy the idea of the American Dream - for many times at the expenses of black citizens - and live by misconceptions of their reality. Ultimately, the true contradiction lies upon a country that celebrates freedom but chains some citizens to their skin color, and others to an ignorant mentality. Initially, Coates introduces the reader with the concept of the Dream, based on security, comfort, and possessions that serves as a refuge for whites and a scape for non-whites. The Dream is what seemly whites deserve through their achievements and not by the “merit” of being light skinned; and although some individuals are far away from that merit -whether by skin-color or by class distinction- they also can be inserted in the Dream through assimilation of

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