Racial Inequality : Guess Who 1

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The 2005 film Guess Who illustrates how racial inequality is present within society, and how race is used by our society to create and manufacture social categories. This film is about a black female named Theresa and a white man named Simon that fight against the racial inequality present within their society and choose to be together. Stereotypes, prejudice, ethnic chauvinism, and racism are prevalent concepts throughout the movie. Most of these concepts are displayed by the people that Theresa and Simon surround themselves with, but throughout the movie the audience starts to see that Theresa and Simon gradually start to exemplify these racist concepts in their arguments and conversations. They start to believe that they are unequal and different because of their skin, and this shows the power that society has over its members. Specifically, how racial inequality is so deeply rooted in our society that we force the view that race is a form of social stratification on people. This is done through stereotypical comments and irrelevant cultural differences that are reinforced through selective perception. The concept of racial inequality is extremely prevalent throughout this film and many sociological theories can be applied to shed light on this specific social problem
This film illustrates the concept of race as a social construct. There are no real differences between Theresa and Simon in terms of their mental abilities or any other
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