Racial Inequality In America Essay

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At around 12 o’clock pm during the summer of 2009 on July 16, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested. Gates is an African American professor at Harvard University, returned from a visit from the People’s Republic of China, and made it back to his house in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He showed up in a limousine with the driver being an African American as well. The driver helped Gates out of the car and helped him carry his luggage to the front door of his house. As Gates struggled to open his door with the key because it was somehow jammed, he asked the limo driver to help him force the door open (Staples).
A bystander saw the two black men trying to vigorously open the front door and reported it to the Cambridge police station. When the police
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From 1945 to about 1957 Congress tried to pass several different laws to terminate discrimination based on race. One of the main bills Congress wanted to pass during that time was a Civil Rights Bill. The bill was mainly made to help chip away at the racial inequality problems the United States was dealing with. The bill was generally made to give African Americans the right to vote at presidential elections as well as giving them the equal opportunity to vote for anything else White-Americans could vote for. In 1954, courts deciding a case found that the “separate but equal” reasoning behind keeping races segregated was a violation to the Fourteenth Amendment in the United States Constitution. It also found that separate schools for whites and minorities also went against the Fourteenth Amendment. After the court ruled these as violations to the Fourteenth Amendment the government was encouraged to take action and protect the civil rights of the people (National).
During 1957 there was a Civil Rights Act that was passed and then just three years later in 1960 there was another Civil Rights Act passed by Congress. They both had limits to them and that was the only problem after they were passed. After the United States adopted both of those
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