Essay on Racial Inequality in America

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In today’s world, the American still has barriers to overcome in the matter of racial equality. Whether it is being passed over for a promotion at the job or being underpaid, some people have to deal with unfair practice that would prevent someone of color or the opposite sex from having equal opportunity at the job. In 2004, Dukes vs. Wal-Mart Stores Incorporation was a civil rights class-action suite that ruled in favor of the women who worked and did not received promotions, pay and certain job assignments. This proves that some corporations ignore the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which protects workers from discrimination based on sex, race, religion or national origin.
In the past, it is true that African American have suffered injustice,
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“Some employers used tests for hiring or promotion that screened out African American at a higher rate than white applicants, making it nearly impossible for them to be hired in any substantial numbers” (Vertreace, 2010). In many cases white supervisors or managers would make sure they interview just enough minorities so they want to appear not to be bias toward other races. They even pretend to follow company’s rules, but instead they make their own rules and dare someone to cross them. Nevertheless, there are not enough opportunities for black people to advance. If the only available jobs are low-income jobs, then the chance of living in poverty will continue for minorities.
In another sense, there are other minorities who have suffered a great deal due inequality in America. That would be the Hispanic culture, who will do most work other culture refuse to do for less pay. Some Mexican who comes from parts of Mexico that is so poor that they are willingly and ready to work for almost nothing. Many of them work here in the United States illegally, picking tomatoes or other crops. Although they earn less than the minimum wage, it is better than earning nothing back home. While it is true that Mexican immigrants worked very hard, it does not necessary mean that they should be subject to work for a very low wage. Above all, they work long hours in the hot beaming sun, until their skin turns three shades darker than it was before they
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