Racial Misunderstandings By Nikki Giovanni And Terrence Hayes ' Talk

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Many poets have conversations with other authors within their literature. They do not talk directly, as if addressing each other face-to-face. Instead, they choose topics that relate and continue the conversation. This is what Nikki Giovanni’s “Nikki Rosa” and Terrence Hayes’ “Talk” does. These two poems exemplify the issue of racial misinterpretations using different literary devices to describe the issues that many black people, faced and continue to face today. Both poems revolve around a very controversial topic: race. At the same time, race isn’t the only focus that drives them. They both have an underlying topic that they both touch on, which is being an outsider in society. They are similar in that they focus on the misinterpretation of race, but they differ in that they speak of and expect other people to interpret races in different ways. The speaker in Giovanni’s poem does not want outside cultures to come up with misinterpretations about black people and Hayes’ speaker keeps himself from speaking out to prevent misinterpretations about black people. The first poem to take a look at is “Nikki-Rosa” by Nikki Giovanni. This poem describes that while some may think that living in poverty means suffering, it actually may be the complete opposite. The article “Explanation of ‘Nikki-Rosa’ by Nikki Giovanni describes the speaker situation the best: The poem struggles against cultural misunderstanding and paternalism in well-intentioned white liberal circles, as

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