Racial Oppression And Racial Discrimination

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Human begins since the beginning of time have understood the concept of racial solidarity but yet decides to ignore it. Racial oppression is a direct consequence of a superior race. Racial oppression is the act of power that causes the state of being to feel heavily exploited. There are two types of racial oppression that are not commonly well known of, institutionalized and internalized. Institutionalized oppression is expressed when a group of people based on their race has a different chance of obtaining goods, services, and societal opportunities. Internalized racial oppression is multi-situational experience that causes someone or a group to feel self-doubt or discomfort toward ones own race. African Americans have historically and presently been impacted the most by racial oppression.
The past has set the standards for the opportunities African Americans have. Slavery in America was abolished in 1865, only a little more than two hundred years ago. Once African Americans were considered free in the eyes of the government they were expected to make means for themselves. Even though slaves were free, whites used their power to not let them be recognized as fully free people. There were laws in places that did not let blacks prosper. Black codes and Jim Crow laws in the South were intended to continue the social control that slavery had and strengthen white supremacy.
Events like the Great Migration and other long migrating trips for blacks from the south created black
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