Racial Politics : Freedom Road

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D) Racial Politics: Freedom Road
When it comes to the topic of racial politics very few would agree that Howard fast did a great job of covering the main points of the Reconstruction period and Civil rights movement. The advancement of liberated slaves in the reconstruction period covered in Howard Fast’s Novel, Freedom Road, are more vulnerable over the gains made in civil rights over the course of the past 35 years. In actuality things were much more difficult in the reconstruction period than that of what happened in just the short novel. Also the gains made by minorities in the U.S since 1964 are more significant than the accomplishments of Gideon Jackson and his contemporaries, although the characters did a good job at proposing the issue, the events that took place in this period of history are much more than what was portrayed.
Although the main character, Gideon Jackson, and his contemporaries made good accomplishments throughout the novel, they were not as enforced as the accomplishments from 1964 up to now. Howard Fast did a decent job at portraying the proposal of civil rights and trying to repeat the reconstruction period but, as in the beginning of the novel to the end, Gideon Jackson got his start to owning his share of land and uniting the colored with whites but was still being harassed by the Ku Klux Klan and nothing was being done to prevent it or stop it. Therefore, the African Americans in this fiction novel never really gained freedom that was promised
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