Racial Prejudice : An Understanding Of Prejudice And Discrimination

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Racial Prejudice
A child is born without any preconceived notions or beliefs, they are Society’s projects to mold and shape for the future. From the day a child is born he or she begins to learn beliefs that will be carried through life. In fact, according to Stephanie Pappas “Kids develop an understanding of prejudice and discrimination in a fairly predictable manner. Between the ages of 3 and 6, they begin to understand and use stereotypes” (Pappas, “Young Kids Take Parents’ Word on Prejudice”). Additionally, Angela Oswalt states “Children who observe their parents making racist, prejudiced remarks or acting in prejudiced and discriminatory ways learn to be racist, prejudiced and discriminatory in those same ways. Such children may find themselves discriminating against others “just because” (Oswalt, “Prejudice”).

I was born in South Georgia during the 1960’s and attended elementary school in a small predominately white town. There was a segregation between the white and African American parts of town with separate schools, grocery stores, and churches. During these years we were not allowed to have any friends that were not white. My parents always stated that they were not prejudice but their actions spoke to the contrary.
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During the 1970’s the family moved to Maryland where communities and schools were completely integrated. This time was my first experience with children of other races, cultures and religious beliefs. I felt comfortable with the…
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