Racial Prejudice And American Culture

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Since the establishment of the United States of America, the attitudes and values of American culture have altered in a variety of ways, doing so on the needs and desires of each respective era. One such connotation that was a major source of internal conflict within the country was that of excessive racial treatments towards minorities. Beginning with the enslavement and horrific mistreatment of African populations, all the way to the discrimination and stereotypical atmosphere of American society towards ethnic immigrants, racism has been a crucial component of cultural and social change. Despite coming a long way from the inhumane treatment of African slaves, and becoming more explicitly tolerant of minorities that migrate to America, a sense of discriminatory racism continues to pervade, as has become apparent in the implicit attitudes adopted by many American citizens. In doing so, this form of inner racism does not make its violating actions apparent, but rather focuses on the cultural values and subconscious attitudes of each citizen, nearly embedding their mentalities with some extent of racial undertones. As a result, it is identifiable that even though American society has made leaps and bounds in terms of progress in regards to the racial mistreatment of minorities, the encompassing implicit oppression that arises holds a wide variety of detrimental outcomes in all aspects of life. Therefore, even through the trials and tribulations of the civil rights movement,
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