Racial Prejudice And Crime And Criminal Justice

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Several characters ' stories interweave during a couple of days in Los Angeles. There is a African American detective who does not have a relationship with his mother and his criminal younger brother with a gang member; a Caucasian district attorney and his prejudice and pampered wife; a racist white police officer who dislikes his partner because he is so idealistic; an African American Hollywood director and his wife who have some problems with the racist white cop; a Persian-immigrant father who doesn 't trust others and a hardworking Hispanic family man who is a locksmith. The film different from other racial films for it is impartial compared to others. For example, the movies does not split the characters into victims and offenders. Victims of racism are often shown to be prejudiced themselves in certain situations. Also, racist remarks and actions often stem from ignorance and misconception rather than hate. I plan on showing race and ethnicity are related to social class and poverty which are related to crime and criminal justice. Many that are a part of a minority end up in poverty and a lower social class and with poverty and lower social class comes crime. Those that have an ethnicity of Hispanic or African American end up being profiled by the justice system unfairly so they either end up in and out of jail and/or cannot get a job because of it so they end up in poverty. No matter how hard America tries many people in society are prejudice/racist. Many people…
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