Racial Prejudice And Crime And Criminal Justice

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Several characters ' stories interweave during a couple of days in Los Angeles. There is a African American detective who does not have a relationship with his mother and his criminal younger brother with a gang member; a Caucasian district attorney and his prejudice and pampered wife; a racist white police officer who dislikes his partner because he is so idealistic; an African American Hollywood director and his wife who have some problems with the racist white cop; a Persian-immigrant father who doesn 't trust others and a hardworking Hispanic family man who is a locksmith. The film different from other racial films for it is impartial compared to others. For example, the movies does not split the characters into victims and offenders.…show more content…
There are many themes in the movie Crash one seems to prevail through and through in the film is racism. The film has the whit police officer who is angry because his father lost if janitorial business due other practices so the officer is angry towards blacks. Young black carjacker continuously through the film talks about black power in the 70s. He feels that blacks should be more afraid of whites than vice versa. Stereotyping of races often causes many dilemmas in the film. For example, the DA’s wife, Jean, tells her husband after the locksmith just changed the locks that she wants them changed because she believes the locksmith to be a gangster because he has tattoos and is Hispanic (Leon-Guerrero, 2016, p.372). In addition the Persian shop owner believes the locksmith to be trying to scam him when he informs the shop owner that the door is damaged. Another them that is prevailed is class disparity which is the inequality and differences in classes. For example, the director and his wife are upper class versus the black detective worked his way up to middle class from a lower class family. Also, the rich DA wife who lives in Brentwood and yet she has a housekeeper is a struggling Latina. By showing the different prejudice and the causes and effects shows how the people in the film grow
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