Racial Prejudice And Its Impact On Society

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Imagine a reality in which every belief you hold, every action you take, every thought you consider is dictated by the traditions, biases, and prejudices of your culture. Imagine living in this world, oblivious to the power of social tradition, but nonetheless constantly ruled by the intangible yet all encompassing morals it establishes. If these biased morals were to be, through a fault of cultural evolution, bent on your oppression, who would you become? In a place where your very identity would be founded upon demeaning, dehumanizing beliefs about your own race and gender, whom or what would you turn to for comfort? Some, might say religion, others family and friends, yet, in a world where tradition and prejudice are helplessly intwined, would these pacifiers ever be truly free them from the grips of cultural assumption? Many Americans, after hearing these questions, might simply scoff at the idea that a person 's actions could ever be completely dictated by cultural prejudice. They would argue that, in a country so founded on individualism and freewill, none would fall victim to such a situation, hence, making the questions irrelevant. However, with a closer look, and a more open mind, others might realize that this self destructive cultural scenario and the questions it raises are entirely relevant in the reality Americans live in today. With so much power given to the biases surrounding religion, politics, race, gender, class and nationality, are Americans not truly…
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