Racial Prejudice And Racial Discrimination

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Human society tends to regularly characterize individuals while using stereotypic and racist comments interchangeably and misinterpreting the difference between the two. The characteristic of stereotypes is believed to truth based on the individuals’ representation. A stereotype would be that all African Americans are lazy, that stereotype is depicted from interacting with someone from that race that holds like characteristics. On the other side of things, being categorized as a racist is when People racially discriminate against others that are portrayed or seem a certain way that is not one hundred percent accurate. A racial comment would be that African Americans are dangerous coming from the fact that there are more African American in prison that any other demographic. In today’s America, racism is practiced in every sort of way from subtle, aversive, to even “reverse” racism and, many more. the most common way to racially discriminate against a group is through visual processing, however, what causes this to be the most common mean of discrimination, could it be that this is how society functions when it differentiates against each other and whom they could closely benefit from.
Throughout human existence, racism is inescapable even if the discrimination is not towards one’s self. No matter what race on is, white or black or Asian, one experiences different types of racism. Discrimination can either be mild or aggressive, aversive or subtle and can many times impact

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