Racial Prejudice

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Throughout history, human beings have been eager to explore new worlds, conquer diverse lands and invent unbelievably amazing things. However, despite this inner thirst to discover new things, there is still resistance to accept those who appear different amongst us. Racial Prejudice is an insidious moral and social disease affecting populations all over the world. It can be diagnosed by its various symptoms and manifestations which include fear, intolerance, separation, segregation, discrimination and hatred. While all of these symptoms of racial prejudice may be evident, the single underlying cause of Racial Prejudice is ignorance. While all humans belong to the same species, races are distinguished from one another by such …show more content…
This movie is a visual representation of the injustice that was suffered by the African American people during the 1960‘s. Mississippi Burning attempts to portray to the audience the cruel and unjust actions directed at the black community; it portrays the pain and suffering of the blacks, and the hatred and rage within the white oppressors. The movie is an accomplished depiction of the civil rights events in 1964 and gives a powerful evocation of the era to its late 20th century audience. This text challenges the attitudes of many white Americans during the civil rights movement. By using visual media the director was able to immerse the audience in the brutal events that occurred in Mississippi. The director was also able to convey the events by using harsh and realistically southern language when talking about the “Negro” community, shown in lines such as, “If you were a Negro no one would give a damn about what you thought”. However, through all the harsh words and negative portrayals, the director has presented reality. The reality, that we are all human, emerges as the black community finds the courage to fight back, “Look at the face of this young man, and you will see the face of a black man. But if you look at the blood shed, it is red! It is like yours! It is JUST... LIKE... YOURS!"

The director also shows the audience the jail terms to which the KKK members were sentenced. He uses “freeze frames” to allow the
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