Racial Prejudice : What Causes It?

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Perri Feldman Gianakas HSP3U.04 2 May 2017 Racial Prejudice- What Causes It? Prejudice is the result of human culture, external influences, ethnocentric views, and our personal fear of others. As humans we are quick to judge each other, skewing the way that we view an individual based off of social stereotypes. Humans are not born with prejudice. They learn from what they see and hear. As humans we model the behaviour that we are exposed to and have learned to identify with false accusations. Since everybody has their own set of beliefs it is only fair that everyone should be accommodated when talking about religion, as people will feel welcomed into their community and others will be more open minded, while tearing down prejudice…show more content…
This will help people to tear down their prejudice opinions and viewpoints of each other. Fear of diversity, or fearing others is based off racist assumptions. Individuals fear what they don’t know or understand. Prejudice occurs when groups of individuals have different religious backgrounds. The key point of prejudice is that it can be both nonconscious and automatic assumptions, since prejudice is a psychological cause. A survey in 2011 revealed that 52% of non-Hispanic whites expressed anti-Hispanic attitudes, proving that ethnocentrism is present on a daily basis. Subconscious evaluations are often made in regards to other cultures this is based on the practices of your own culture and personal experience. Religious accommodations will lead to less racist attitudes and prejudices in society can be reduced. Through religious accommodations individuals will be able to better appreciate others differences. The people that raise us are also the ones who teach us both positive and negative stereotypes. Stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudice all go hand in hand with one another. When an individual 's stereotypical beliefs combine with their prejudice opinions, this can cause someone to behave discriminatively. “For some people prejudices can come up as a way of justifying social inequalities. This happens when people on both sides of the power and wealth spectrum start believing that people get
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