Racial Profiling: A Loss of Mutual Respect

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America; the “so called 'Melting Pot”, where people can become as one. Excuse me but may I be the first one to say, this is far from the truth. People are constantly judging and being judged by others. This “obligation” we all seem to get, in the midst of this action, is one of our greatest character flaws. Whether we choose to accept it or not, everything that revolves around judgement is fear. A fear to be different, a fear to be seen differently, a fear of not being accepted. It is sad to me to think that most people are afraid of being themselves, instead they are trying to find their way to fitting in this world. It is what consumes and brain washes our society into thinking that we are some how superior than the person next to us. It angers me that I am apart of this “never ending” cycle, that needs to be dealt with. However, when you are constantly around people that judge one another based on their appearance, their actions, or even where they may come from, it’s hard not to develop the same opinions. My frustration with this is that if we America, Home of the Free, then why are we constantly taking away peoples rights? An example of this is the stop and frisk law, racial profiling, and airport security policies. The stop and frisk law; The situation in which a police officer, suspicious of an individual, detains the person, runs their hands lightly over the suspect’s outer garments, that determines if the person is carrying a concealed weapon or drugs. This law

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