Racial Profiling : A Survey Of African American Police Officers

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Read the article: "Racial Profiling: A Survey of African American Police Officers"(Barlow & Barlow, 2002). Using concepts from chapters 1-6 as the basis for your analysis, in a narrative format of 750 or more words, summarize: 
(a) the research problem, 
(b) the literature review, 
(c) data-gathering strategy, 
(d) any hypotheses, 
(e) the dependent and independent variable in one of the cause-effect relationships tested by the researchers, 
(f) how the dependent and independent variable were operationalized, 
(g) other variables that should have been measured and/or controlled, and 
(h) the key findings and/or policy issues. The research problem: This particular study was attempting to provide reliable data as to racial profiling by using black police officer from the Milwaukee Police Department. It was felt that that by using the officers, they would have institutional knowledge as well as first hand experiences as to racial profiling in their lives as well in the work environment (Barlow & Barlow, 2002). The literature review: As part of the planning process Barlow & Barlow completed a literature review, which basic means a survey of important any articles, books and other sources that might have been important to their research topic which in this particular case was racial profiling (Hagan, 2010). Below is a list of the information that was reviewed and used and made part of this study: Bill of Rights for Black Men, polls conducted by the American Institute of
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