Racial Profiling Against Hispanic Profiling

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Racial Profiling Against Hispanics Racial Profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspect someone of having committed an offense. Racial profiling against Hispanics, when I mean Hispanics are people from North American, South American and Central Americans. An example of racial profiling against Hispanics is by; the color of our skin, which the majority skin toned (Color) is brown but not all of them, some may be different color and are Hispanics. Sadly, our identity is defined by the color of our skin and are targeted and threatened with deportation and thinking that we are all illegal immigrants and discriminating with hurtful words that express that we do not belong here in the United States, even though some were born in the United States and supposedly that we are taking everyone’s job, but it is usually people who think that and that say that, are the people who can get a job but do not want to or cannot get a job, so they just blame the Hispanics. We are the easy targeted race and stereotype about us, by only referring Hispanics as illegal immigrant which is not because there are other migrant who crossed the United States and are here illegally and Society does not refer them as illegal immigrants. Also it leads to being arrested unfairly for no reason, just because he or she was Hispanic. In Arizona which already have accepted racial profiling against Hispanics that has made the law passed which is called “SB1070”. Then there are people who racial
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