Racial Profiling, An Unjust Act And A Big Problem

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According to the 11 Facts about Racial Discrimination, “The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics concluded that an African American male born in 2001 has a 32% chance of going to jail in his lifetime, while a Latino male has a 17% chance, and a white male only has a 6% chance” (11 Facts about Racial Discrimination 1). Racial profiling, or discriminating against a whole group of people based on their race, is an unjust act and a big problem in our society today. Arresting people because of how they look like, or what they believe in is absurd. According to ACLU, “Racial Profiling refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual 's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin” (ACLU 1). Although law enforcement assumes they are doing their job, they need to remain objective and fair in all situations, because they are violating rights, lacking protection and risking lives. Law enforcement violates the rights of people by unfairly stereotyping minority groups. By stereotyping minorities, law enforcement officers are violating the rights of the citizens being falsely accused because of their race. Some law enforcement programs are highly known for violating an entire group of people’s rights (FBI 1). According to the article by Driscoll and Newton, “racial profiling violates individuals’ civil rights, alienates both individuals, and entire populations, and often backfires as an ineffective
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