Racial Profiling And African Americans

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The word "nigger"is the most inapporiate racial slur according to dictionary.com, which has meant to belittle African Americans. Leaving many individuals to be beat, lynched, or even the victim of arson based upon racially motivated attacks within black communities; for instance “the reaction towards the news of Booker T. Washington dining in White House, Senator Benjamin Tillman of South Carolina predicted (Kennedy, pg 15), “The action of President Roosevelt in entertaining that nigger will necessitate our killing a thousand niggers in the South before they will learn their place again”(Kennedy, pg 77). Allowing countless features of the slur within countless jokes, cartoons, and the performing arts; which reflects stereotypes and encourages the downing of Afro-Americans. Essentially the signature phrase of racial prejudice, specifically in racial identified court cases of black individuals. Leaving the United States to accept the public display of inhumane actions and verbal usage; for instance, Supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sandford, which ruled “that African Americans were permanently ineligible for federal citizenship”(Kenned, pg 63). These decisions and lack of appeals surrounding the cases allowed for racial insult and oppression of a national policy that make a specific race “inferior”. However, like most words the context for the derogatory word is in the moment of reclaimed by the black community and beyond. Although, the lack of evidence when the itself term…
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