Racial Profiling And African Americans

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Everyone hears about the controversial events that happen between the NYPD targeting African Americans. Every few months there seems to be another shooting, another protest. Your men are here to protect and serve New York City but now the NYPD is looking like the bad guys. In order to have peace in the city, the racial profiling needs to stop. This memo is to inform you on the discrimination happenings that occur against African Americans, which take place right the New York City’s streets. This letter also contains evidence and ways to stop the racial profiling among the NYPD and African Americans.
Misuse of Power
Abusing power is becoming a hot topic for NYPD nowadays. There has been a lot of talk over police misusing their authority over the people and minorities. There has been many incidents that take place where cops use excessive force in situations where it is not needed. It is hard to prove a lot of times where cops go overboard because of lack of witnesses but sometimes it is caught on camera. Social media has brought attention to the public and making police brutality aware for everyone to realize. It is becoming a bigger problem and people already think the government is to controlling and unfair. Now the police force is becoming an enemy and many fear them because they want to feel safe and protected by them but certain scenarios bring out the worst in some police officers. Recently a rookie police officer in the NYPD was just indicted for shooting an unarmed…
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