Racial Profiling And Gender Profiling

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Racial Profiling Issues When we hear about a Chicano/a, Hispanic, Latino, or of a Mexican-American who lives in the United States we usually think about immigration, poverty, or maybe the American dream but what we don’t tend to think about is Racial Profiling. When in reality it is happening to not only the black communities but to the Chicano/a, Hispanic, Latino, etc. communities. It is an issue that expands from human life to role models that consist from Disney movies or dolls. (beauty) how media interprets beauty with Disney characters and how beauty is referred with dolls and what beauty looks like within the model personal story opionl represent us. believe belive what girls are tend to be models because of their beauty but white modelsIndustry. (chicanas)
An interesting fact is that racial Profiling not only occur to humans but to dolls who tend to look Hispanic etc. A Sociologist at the University of Southern California states “that “ethnic” only refers to people who are not white in appearance…the other dolls are just dolls” (Sternheimer). Meaning that Toys show racial inequality by including dolls into categories that describe people of color as ethnic. When in reality my sociology professor Dr. Dave states that everyone is part of an ethic group including white people because ethnic are groups made out of traditions, religion, and culture. To be honest, I have witnessed racial inequality in toys myself. I believe I went to
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