Racial Profiling And Law Enforcement Essay

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In the 1990’s, there was increase in lawsuits against law enforcement, especially at the state level, based on race based traffic stops that the courts started ruling that there was racial profiling going on across the country. The lawsuits were becoming so wide spread police executives sought steps to stop the racial profiling and try to restore some of the public confidence in law enforcement in the United States. The goal was to be able to provide evidence in court that there was in fact no racial profiling happening on traffic stop across the country. The dash board systems were able to provide an unbiased view of all events as the officer’s made contact with anyone. With this new technology, it started to rebuild the trust that was lost…show more content…
It records only when the officer pushes the button, but it is always in a buffer mode, which it’s not actively recording anything but listening and delates itself every 30 seconds. Once it the button, it records and stores all the audio and video that has been recorded. Once the officer returns to the station and puts the body camera into its charger, it down loads itself to a web page called that is a secured site where the file cannot be edited, deleted or accessed expect by authorized personnel from the department. With the increase use of a body camera, departments have found that a few things have happened. One is that citizen complaints have dropped about officers’ actions against them and that the officer’s use of force has also decreased. The battle between cell phone video and having the officer’s body camera footage has had a change because the cell phone footage can be edited to make it look like the officer was in the wrong until an officer’s footage is released. Surveillance cameras have been used for years. About 75% of murders have been solved with the use of these types of crimes, but for every 1000 cameras in use one crime is
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