Racial Profiling And Police Brutality

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Racial profiling and police brutality is a controversial and serious situation that happens all the times. Every now and then there is a situation in the news that headlines that some person has been beaten or unfortunately killed by a police. Obviously, when people see this, everyone sees that police as the bad person and the devil for killing a armed man. What many people see is that the police hurt and kill people when it is not necessary. That is why the organization “Black LIves Matter” formed, to bring awareness to the innocent people that are getting affected to this problem. Everyone is starting to see the police as a treat and are scared for their lives. Making it seem that police have all power to do anything they want to “defend” themselves and do what they think is necessary to a problem. Although, there is another side to the story that many people do not want to listen to, which is the policeman's stories. They explain why they do the doing, and explain why they are innocent. To put this in perspective, if you did something someone didn’t want you to do, you would want to explain why you did. That is why everybody has to see both sides of the story, which people do not seem to be doing nowadays. When someone's loved one gets into trouble with police, we all know that the family is going to react to the problem. Especially, when the loved one was severely injured or even killed by the police. As soon as that happens, people start to fight for
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