Racial Profiling And The African American Community Essay

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The African-American community has endured a notable amount of troublesome tribulations, primarily in cultural identity. The wide array of challenges that minorities undergo when classifying a specific race is illogical, and rather insane. The struggle, hassle, and strain placed on minorities for embracing their identity will continuously be stereotyped or judged by a non-oppressed individual, or better yet our modern society. The ongoing list of imperfections a minority is labeled with when classifying their race, ensures being a minority is an undesirable feature or demographic. African-Americans constantly receives disapproval and hatred, along with a long record of wrong-doings that have been done to people of color. Generally, the outward appearance of an individual of color could possibly suffer from racial profiling, mass incarceration, brutality, police brutality, and exploitation inequalities. The negative suppositions, hypotheses, and assumptions that African-American people group receive, is essentially outstanding as prejudice. The African-American community has suffered sufficiently in the United States, and still continues to suffer in terms of social and economic aspects. The existence of cultural oppression negatively affects minorities and continuously reduces the ability to purposefully improve and successfully thrive. A substantial amount of questions could be arranged when engaging in a sensitive topic about race, oppression, or material that is
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