Racial Profiling And The African American Community

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When it comes to the African American community in the United States, the identifying term Nigger is one that has many meanings, but no matter the meaning, its use is usually met with controversy (The Racial Slur Database Nigger). Kaffir is a South African identifying term that also refers to those of African descent, and of a darker skin tone, and is filled with the same social controversy (The Racial Slur Database Kaffir). Two articles found on the internet, one from Florida and one from South Africa, bring to light when these terms have been used in a derogatory manner and their use has resulted in the loss of someone’s job. From yesterday to today, the terms Nigger and Kaffir are harmful slurs that need to be fixed though the coming together of society. Racial slurs can have great cultural impact, but their origins are not always widely known. The term Nigger is widely believed to come from the Latin word for black, niger, and no matter’s origin, it has been used as a derogatory slur used against those of African descent by Whites in the United States (The Racial Slur Database Nigger). The term was used throughout the history of American slavery and is filled with hate and oppression, and it has few, if any, places in modern U.S. society. Kaffir is a similar term that identifies Black Africans in South Africa, it came to popularity during the country’s era of apartheid (The Racial Slur Database Kaffir), and has its origins in the Arabic term Kafir that in itself is…
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