Racial Profiling And The Civil Rights Movement

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Giselle Cordero
PSCI 246: Social Movements

Topic/Question: Have Black Lives Mattered? – Racial profiling in the justice system, increased incarceration of African Americans and the idea of “White Privilege” persists in the United States.

1. Introduction

Even though America is the world dominating superpower and is known to intervene on behalf of the violation of human rights internationally, it fails to acknowledge and correct the flaws its legal and justice system present against its own citizens. African Americans have long been targeted by the police force and have been oppressed by the government before, as we are familiar with the Civil Rights Movement that occurred in 1955 due to segregation and discrimination. The system has justified racial profiling, specifically against African Americans, and granted those with authority the right to incarcerate or punish those they deem dangerous. The actions of the American government have given way to the increase incarceration of African Americans and have allowed white privilege to prevail in the justice system. The social movement Black Lives Matter, although recently acknowledged or recognized, is not based on a new issue but rather an old issue that is quickly reviving due to the injustices Black Americans are facing. In short, social movements are known as politics through other means. They occur when people take to the streets in order to have their voices heard by authority and feel as if they are unable to
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