Racial Profiling And The Civil War On Drugs

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Many People think of racial profiling as relatively recent phenomena that manifested in the 1980s, as the news of Blacks being pulled over for “driving while black” began making national headlines. Racial Profiling is a new term for action against black people that, dates back 300 years and is a not relatively recent manifestation of discriminatory conduct by police and the criminal justice system which dates back to the 1700s in the United States for people of African descent. Many equate the war on drugs as the beginning of the use of the term “racial profiling.” The war on drugs gained momentum in the 1980s, with the introduction of crack cocaine into black communities. Thus the most recent incarnation of the “Racial Profiling” began…show more content…
Trump). Regan 's election reflected how people were looking for a new sheriff. What better sheriff than an admired actor who played a kick a** cowboy on the silver screen. Reagan embodied like (Trump) what many African Americans considered is a mainstream push back and reaction to the counter culture of the 1960s and 19770s that established civil rights for people of color(5). Part of the change in cultural attitudes during the Regan era subsequent for President was a got tough on drug laws. With the brunt of Reagan’s new sheriff in town tactics of drug sweeps and over policing falling squarely on the shoulders of poor African American communities. Accompanied by gross disparities of racial profiling and unfair treatment in the criminal justice system that can have been traced to a decades-long differential treatment of African Americans and other people of color (5). Regan 's passage of “just say no programs and propaganda” and “the war on drugs laws” and that focus on stopping drugs use and sales via harsh sentencing. Legislation that included three-strikes laws, and mandatory minimum sentencing for drug possession. Former Presidents Reagan, the Bushes’ and Bill Clinton laws government imposed racial projects of profiling cast new forms of racial control on blacks reminiscent of the days of slavery and Jim Crow from the 1700’s. The only difference in the 20th century is there are no lynching mobs and convict

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