Racial Profiling

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Throughout history and during the time of the civil rights movements; tensions between police and residents of the black community had always presented a discrimination of racial profiling. Whether it be adults or juveniles; the practice of racial profiling had always been a problem in the community due to the evolving activities of delinquency and crimes. Tensions had increased and evolved into an uproar among the black communities in retaliation against the police force especially when the department consisted predominantly of white officers. In the city of Ferguson, M.O., a black teenager by the name of Michael Brown, was fatally shot and killed by a white police officer shaped the aftermath of the communities in raising racial tensions between blacks and whites that led into an all-out community riot resulting to law enforcement officers from the city, county and state having to engaged into a full riot gear, armed with tear gas and rubber bullets to control the participants of rioters. Resulting from the incident of Michael Brown, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division conducted an investigation of the criminal justice system in Ferguson and according to the investigation it concluded that the criminal justice system was uphold differently for blacks and whites. From the investigation, it was discovered that a pattern of racial bias did occurred within the Ferguson Police Department that violates the Constitution and federal law. While the city of Ferguson may

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