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Racial Profiling By: Lakesha London Could you imagine if you were label as a terrorist because of what you wear, skin tone, what race you are or what countries you are from? But on the inside of you are just as scared as terrorist yourself. But for hundreds of years racial profiling have been going on, not because of when 911 occur. Being a person of color in America automatically put you a caterogy. In my essay I would talk about: racial profiling is a form of discrimination, who was the people who receive the most impact on racial profiling, and how the united states deal with racial profiling today. First, racial profiling is a form of discrimination by law enforcement agencies that have authority. They use a person race or ethnic…show more content…
Racial profiling quick to notice of Iranians, Muslims, Arabs, Pakistanians and Afghanistanians and many more ethnic groups in that category they all was label as terrorists and they all prayed to Allah. These people were put under so much pressure and intensity scrutiny when going to the store, banks, airports and other location. Although whites and other ethnic groups have committed terrorist attacks they’ve yet to be profiled in the way Arabs in America have been. Then you have Anti-terror police officer who was told to target Asians, West Indians and East Africans. For instance Timothy McVeigh’s he committed the same crime as Arabs and Muslims Americans did. He committed a terrorist attack on the IRS building and killing people as well, but as a backlash white people didn’t receive intense pressure, so what’s the difference is this consider as racial profiling as well. Therefore, how United States deal with racial profiling as of today on February 27, 2001, President George W. Bush and Joint Session Congress releases a statement declared that, "Racial profiling is wrong, and we will end it in America. In so doing, we will not hinder the work of our nation's brave police officers. They protect us every day -- often at great risk. But by stopping the abuses of a few, we will add to the public confidence our police officers earn and deserve. Although racial profiling seems to decrease at that time everything had quiet down which was a big dilemma. Not

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