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ANALYSIS OF “RACIAL PROFILING AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE” 1 Analysis of “Racial Profiling and Criminal Justice” Domenica Martinez Colorado Mesa University ANALYZING RACIAL PROFILING AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE 2 Research Question I chose to analyze article titled “Racial Profiling and Criminal Justice” which is written By Jesper Ryberg within the Journal of Ethics; March 2011. This journal article was discovered within the EBSCO Host library. Ryberg’s thesis states “The main argument that has been presented by advocates of the use of racial profiling as a law enforcement tactic is…show more content…
Think of all the time that would be wasted checking every suspicious ethnic group, culture or race that attempts to board a bus, train or airplane? Disappointing as it is, real criminals and terrorists have walked right by security points and customs unchecked. There are no positive outcomes or happy medium for racial profiling, but we have facts and figures and these are ignored. Two of Ryberg’s keywords mentioned at the beginning of this article are utilitarianism and retributivism. Mentioned in Chapter 2 of our book (Ethical Dilemmas and Decision in Criminal Justice) is (utilitarianism), the principle here is to evaluate the act, which in this case is racial profiling, to determine if it would result in good. This would be the question imposed to assume that the decision made would be applied to ANALYZING RACIAL PROFILING AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE 6 everyone else in similar circumstances. Whether this would be a practical ethical decision to make is left to the reader. As mentioned earlier, Ryberg was non-judgmental in his article. Retributivism is used in contrast with utilitarianism in such that it is used in theory about a legitimate end served by the penal institutions. Chapter 3 of our book (Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice) spoke of retributive justice. The most widely embraced mixed theory holds that punishment must achieve both the utilitarian goal of crime prevention and the retributive

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