Racial Profiling

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Judging people because of their race has always been a problem in society. A lot of people have to face the consequences of others being raciest and unfair in many ways. Racial profiling can be a problem caused by the environment that people grew up in, which is causing lack of jobs because they get associated with crime and others having insecurities about themselves. There are many other consequences that occur every day because of racial profiling that many people don’t acknowledge.
Making a difference between races is something that could have been influenced when growing up. Everyone needs to be treated the same regardless of what race they belong to. "Racial profiling is unjustified with general problems with profiling, and those specific to racial profiling itself is not clear that it is always unjustified, because it might reduce serious threats to people's lives, liberties, and property" (Lever, 2007). What people believe is right to do is unfair and cruel to others. The way of thinking should be that everyone should be treated equal no matter what race people are. Everyone deserves respect and to have no differences between someone else.
"Profiling is harmful, largely in an expensive manner specifically because it serves as a focal point for the racial injustices of society"(Risse, M., & Zeckhauser, R. 2004). People acting this way are causing others to not have better job opportunities. It could possibly be someone's dream job but because of racial profiling
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