Racial Profiling : History, Trends, And Evolution

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Racial Profiling: History, Trends, & Evolution Name Academic Institution Author Note Class Professor Date Racial Profiling: History, Trends, & Evolution The issue of race has been a heated and emotional conflict since the founding of this country. Racial profiling is the act of assuming ideas or circumstances pertaining to a certain individual simply based on the color of his or her skin and the racial group to which he or she belongs. Even though the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in 1865, African Americans and others of non-white have still been treated as less than rightful citizens over the past 150 years. The news media is rife with stories of police aggression escalating when the person of interest is African American and African American men are three times more likely to be incarcerated than Caucasian men (Bonczar, 2003). One African-American man, Earl Sampson, in Miami Gardens, Florida reports that he has been stopped by the police 200 times, and 100 of these stops have resulted in arrests (Brekke, 2014). Sampson states that he has even been arrested for teresspassing while working at his job at a local convenience store (Brekke, 2014). Despite his pleas that he was an employee and not a criminal, the police still dragged him into custody (Brekke, 2014). All of these instances of what Sampson is certain to be racial profiling have him afraid to walk around in his own neighborhood from the time he wakes up in the morning to the time he
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