Racial Profiling Is A Central Issue Economically

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Lights! Camera! Judgement! In today’s world, racial profiling has been a central issue economically. These types of problem can be spotted anywhere to whether we see it or not. It is hard to believe racial profiling is one point citizens can never get enough of which makes things so conflicted and leads to a big mess. That is one way to how maybe war can create between people who are innocent and others who is racist even though they say they “are not”. Ever since racial profiling started in the mid 1900’s never stopped. It is hard to put an end to it but people has their own aspects of it which I do not blame them but makes them racist. People may fool around here and there but this is a serious issue happening globally. From social media to the real life thing can lead to violence and making a severe economic impact. I, myself faced something like this when I just wanted to look at something myself can and cannot afford, then later received a comment and body language which I will never forget. In the early fall September of 2014, I remember walking in this store that is one of the biggest names anyone can name which is Versace. Versace is a well-known Italian fashion company that you can see from well-known celebrities wearing down on the red carpet for award shows or down the streets of making an outfit statement. Going inside the store is golden which has a mix of vibrant color that you feel like a movie star while paparazzi flashing you drastically.…

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