Racial Profiling Is An Action Or Practice?

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Introduction “Discrimination is an action or practice that excludes, disadvantages, or merely differentiates between individuals, or groups of individuals, on the basis of some ascribed or perceived traits (Dunham)”. Amnesty International USA defines racial profiling as, “the targeting of individuals and groups by law enforcement officials, even partially, on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion, where there is ‘trustworthy information’, relevant to the locality and time frame, that links persons belonging to one of the aforementioned groups to an identified criminal incident or scheme (USA). Cultural discrimination in airports assimilates this definition perfectly. My reasoning for selecting this particular social…show more content…
These disagreements delay the formation of a consensus on how to attack the problem. Cultural discrimination in airports is a national social issue that prompts and provokes, in a sense, smaller local areas to follow the lead by example, resulting in what is a highly debated social issue presently. The most feasible way to treat this problem is only one way, nationally. Plans of implementing a fix are astronomical in regards to a monetary approach, and as far as individual implementation of change on the part of societal members, the grasps of a ‘fix’, is simply out of reach, or unobtainable.

Physical and Mental Damage to the Individual
Or Society

Cultural discrimination in an airport, speaking from personal experience, has an insurmountable, mentally damaging effect on the individual. With no discretion given, the progress begins when a last name, in my case, of Persian origin, is prompted by the computer system to flag a passenger in the check-in line, initiating US Customs Officials to investigate. With all other passengers present, the humiliating ‘show’ (debacle), becomes the focus of all eyes, who immediately
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