Racial Profiling Is Out Of Control

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Racial Profiling is racism Today in America racial profiling is out of control. People are being attacked, judge and even killed for reasons beyond just skin color. For many years people of color have been racially profiled, and now when America should be moving forward, America is going backwards. Racial profiling, which is a form of racism has gotten out of control, and the past has not improved as we have moved into the 20th century. It is time for Americans to take a closer look at racial profiling and do something about it. We should all take a self evaluation, of how we have handle someone, or some situations, and ask the question are you a racist?, it is Clare that racial profiling in America has gotten out of control. Striving towards the same goal, and eliminating judgment of others, solely because of their color, race, religion, gender, or sexuality. America shows power, strength, and control. As one we can build a strong America, and stop racial profiling.
Many people in America have been the perpetrator, or victim of this form of racism, which is racial profiling, because of things seen, learned, or taught. When people are not valued, respected, or their rights are violated, just because of the color of their skin, or their religious affiliation, or where they are from, gender, or sexual preference, this is a form of racial profiling. According to Ontario Human Rights Commission, The cost of racial profiling is paid by all who partake knowingly or…

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