Racial Profiling

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The topic of race and racism has been prevalent throughout America’s history. Although we, as a country, have ended extreme racist practices, there still remains the discrimination of minority groups. This discrimination has more prevalently taken the form of racial profiling in today’s society. Many individuals racially profile others unconsciously because of the many stereotypes attached to certain ethnic groups. Additionally, racial profiling is mostly viewed as a practice commonly used by the police. The issue of racial profiling can be viewed from several different perspectives with many viewing it as a harassment on minorities while others see it as a necessary practice to keep the public safe. While police see racial profiling as having a positive effect on the public, it creates detrimental effects for the victims; therefore racial profiling must be heavily monitored. Racially profiled individuals undergo terrible effects, therefore racial profiling must be heavily monitored. An article that displays such racial profiling is “The secret surveillance of ‘suspicious’ blacks in one of the nation’s poshest neighborhoods” by Terrence McCoy. According to Terrence McCoy the general public are more prone to racially profile minorities than the police. McCoy informs the reader of a review by the Business Improvement District about the surge of more than 3,000 messages from January to March in Georgetown through the social network “Operation GroupMe.” Of those 3,000+ messages
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