Racial Profiling : The Black Or White

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Racial profiling has become a big thing in the world today. I honestly believe it has always been a problem. Racial profiling is someone who is a different color and is blamed for a crime because of the color of their skin. When someone commits a crime, the police are going to suspect it was someone of color, rather than someone who is white. There are about 770,000 interracial crimes committed a year involving Blacks and Whites. Blacks commit 85 percent, and Whites commit 15 percent. As it shows there are more Blacks that commit crimes then whites, but it doesn’t mean we should jump to conclusion on if it was the black or white person. Honestly, looks can be deceiving, because there are plenty of white people who we thought wouldn’t commit a crime but did. By crimes I mean embezzlement, fraud, and sometimes even murder. You would think it would be more of a white crime if it was embezzlement and fraud because what black person is smart. You would think murders would be done by the black person because, white people don’t murder unless they were raised with colored people. Black people aren’t more likely to go to prison for embezzlement or fraud, but they could. White people aren’t more likely to go to prison because of murder, but they could. That is why racial profiling is such a serious thing because you never know who did it unless you make observations. Last year there were four unarmed black men killed by white police men. One of the men was Eric Garner, who was a

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