Racial Profiling and Male African Americans

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Racial Profiling and Male African Americans Racial profiling has been and will continue to be a problem in the United States. Many believe that racial profiling is more prevalent in today’s society; however, this issue has been a part of our society since slavery. Moreover, African American males are mostly the targets of racial profiling, especially in larger cities like New York City and Los Angeles. Racial profiling is becoming a huge problem within the police departments. Police officers are conducting more traffic stops on African Americans males than on any other racial group, for the reason that many police officers believe African Americans males are most likely to be engaged in some sort of criminal activity. Thus, racial…show more content…
The principle of law enforcement and the principle of equality among African American males make this issue even more difficult to analyze (Persico, 2002). According to Delores (2007), although, many things in policing have changed as far as policies goes, many things will remain the same. Changes to the police policy were to improve the image of police in certain communities, and impact citizens in a positive way through trust and satisfaction. However, Delores (2007) states, officers perceive African American males as people who are capable of wrongdoing even though a crime has yet to be committed. In addition, in noncriminal or minimal criminal activities police view male African Americans as the most dangerous. Police officers developed ways to recognize certain kind of people, as emblematic assailants, meaning, police recognize the gesture, attire, language of a person, which is then perceive as a prelude to violence. However, sometimes officers make mistakes and innocent citizens like African American males end up paying the ultimate price. In 1998, four African American males name Keyshon Moore, Rayshawn Brown, LeRoy Jarmaine Grant and Danny Reyes all fell victims to racial profiling. The four victims were on their way to a
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