Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement is Unjustifiable Essay

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Every individual in the world is different in some way from the person standing next to them. People differ in their culture, ethnicity, race, religion, personality, styles, interest, appearance and more. It is understood that someone may be similar to you not one person will be exactly like you. Growing up it is important for one to understand the differences of other people and show a level of respect for them. As human-beings, people typically learn through experiences. However, these experiences have the tendency to alter the way people perceive other individuals. Racial profiling, a term used more frequently when dealing with law enforcement, is defined as “any action undertaken for reasons of safety, security or public protection…show more content…
If it’s a beat-up hoopty they’re driving, did they use it in a crime? If it’s an expensive ride, how can they afford it? He might radio in to see if it’s been reported stolen. What are they doing in the car? Are they moving to the beat of the rap blasting from the car stereo or stuffing drugs under the seat? Are they driving too fast? Too slow? But you weren’t supposed to stop them without backup. Not a carload. Driving while Black. Yeah. Driving while dangerous. Driving while armed. Driving while looking for trouble” (Golden 39). This reason of “driving while black” is a prime example of an invalid reason of probable cause. “Driving while black”, is an unjustified reason towards African American to be confronted by police officers. Why is it that because the man is Black he has to be committing a crime? Is it hard to believe that a group of black males may be on their way to a job interview, a men’s conference out of town, a family affair, or just going to have a good time? “Studies have proven that when police officers present a warrant, due to their idea of probable cause, they are 80% more likely to discover evidence, whereas without a warrant and just following their judgments, the rate is decreased to 12%” (Minzer 913-62). As long as they have valid licenses, tags, and car insurance and are not committing a moving violation, African Americans should not be observed more closely
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