Racial Profiling in What Do You See by Dean Simmon

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Racial profiling by definition is, the use of race or ethnicity as ground for suspecting someone of having committed an offence. Racial profiling continues to be a prevalent and egregious form of discrimination in the United States. Upon my reading of “What Do You See” by Dean Simmon, he speaks on the ideas that people these days use racial profiling more than we may know. He is concerned about the fact that people, base people off of what see rather than actually getting to know the person. “When you see someone who is different from you,” writes Dean, “do not think of him or her as something, but as someone.” (276). It was brought to my attention that more than just a few people stereotype or profile. At the beginning of the reading it says some very common stereotypes. “White kids are rich, snobby, silver spoon brats who get what they want when they want it, but they are smart. Black kids are poor, lazy, drug-dealing thugs who wear their pants too low and talk in ‘ebonics,’ but they are good at sports. Mexicans are job-stealing, under-educated, breeding cockroaches who have twenty-five family members living in a two-bedroom house, but they are good workers.” (274). As we read some of the stereotypes Simmons writes we realize we have either used some of these stereotypes or heard them. Simmons also brings up a very valid point. “It is well known that all people are afraid of change.” (274). I am not usually one to admit that I am afraid of something but I must admit I am

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