Racial Racism

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Synthesis essay
Systematic racial discrimination perhaps imbeds in any American institutions since the country was established by the founding fathers. The first obvious discrimination happened in earliest chapter of the U.S history, when the Constitution had set up the conceptual boundary for the nation. It is also known as the national identities with boundary described in the context of “Who is an American?” by Eric Foner as “... a state of mind, ‘an imagined political community’ with borders that are as much intellectual as geographic.” For America at the earliest time of its history, its identities were deserved for white male who were the immigrants from Europe continent. Virtually this early discrimination of the Europeans on their new land constructed a system of racial discrimination to all who are not white. The white immigrants in the system basically identified themselves as Americans and excluded many other groups of people residing in the same continent. The systematic racial discrimination undoubtedly has been one of the most provocative and baffled problem which sets up the boundary among all groups of people based on their differences and needed to be changed in the future, for the ideal of equality embraced by the Americans throughout their history.
In any society around the world, the border is important to identify the included group among all groups of people. The geographic boundary in the map distinctively expresses the notion of inclusion. For example, anyone who borned in the United States of America is the American citizen by law. (“Who is an American?” - Foner). However, the criteria for American citizenship are not fixed; they have changed overtime as the history of America progresses. This once again raised the significance of the conceptual boundary existed in America. What it means is that the virtual and conceptual boundary has at least the same significance as the geographic border. Or technically the American citizenship is not actually defined by the border in the world map but by the cognitive conceptual limit.
American has long been proud of its Constitution for the ideal of equality for all people. For long time the equality Americans mention is the “civil and

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