Racial Reconciliation : African American

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TJ Tyrrell
Dr. Jessup
April 19, 2017
SOC 220
Reflective Essay 3
1. Racial reconciliation is when one person or a group of a race apologizes and reconciles with someone of another race that was brought to harm by the faults of the first group. The PowerPoint illustrates the different reconciliations accepted by different races. The first race the PowerPoint covers is African American’s. This sense of oneness is what is essentially violated with when African America people experience Racism. The belief here is that oneness supersedes, biology, ethnicity, and even culture. The problem that African American people experience here is that they feel like white people often minimize the race issue. We learned earlier about how white people can 't
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2. According to the article, forgiveness is granting unconditionally grace to those who have cause suffering and pain and accepting what they did and not letting that affect the love they show to that person. Forgiveness is central for racial reconciliation because forgiveness is the first step of mending the relationship with others. It also allows God to do a work between the two groups. When there is forgiveness God can change hearts and create amazing things to happen out of tragedies.
The dance of forgiveness is six steps to be transformed from being a selfish self-absorbed human being. To being a person full of grace and accepting of everyone. The first step is truth telling. This helps build trust between people groups and starts on the path to a relationship. The second step is acknowledging anger. A person should not try to hide their emotions even if it may be an emotion of anger. To get rid of it is by bringing it out in the light and praying for God to help you with the anger. The third step is having concern for others. One of the ways of understanding someone else is to think how life would be in their shoes. Having a genuine concern for someone besides yourself can change a person’s, heart. The fourth step is recognizing, remembering, and repenting. As humans, we need to recognize what we have done wrong and not pass off blame to others and repent for what we have done. The fifth step is
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