Racial Segregation And African Americans

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At a time when African Americans were faced with laws plainly stating that the Black race was inferior to Whites and when Slavery had been transformed into Jim Crow and the convict leasing system, the African American struggle was at its worst. After States had formed Black Codes in order to limit African American rights and wages, Jim Crow laws were introduced to further racial segregation. An African American during the Jim Crow era could be incarcerated for an act as simple as vagrancy and placed into the convict leasing system which proved to be a treacherous post-slavery and devastating to the dream of equal rights. Though White society had once again found ways to repress the African American community, it was by way of education, journalism and art that African Americans were able to form a common and activist voice. Radical and eloquent minds of African Americans began to form publicly and also became socially accepted as artists, writers and politicians. It is the social struggle which propelled these extraordinary humans across the lines of racial and social injustice in the United States. It is in the struggle that we understand ourselves.

Though racism and segregation had a stronghold on much of the United States, there were some areas in which hosted integrated communities and the educational promise for many African Americans. W.E.B. DuBois was fortunate enough to grow up in an integrated community and was able to receive an education that many Black…
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