Racial Segregation And Popular Culture

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The unreliable generalizations and disturbing portrayals of members in a racial group contribute to the justification of unequal treatment in various systems that impact people in the society negatively. Racial biases exist unconsciously in our attitudes. This leads to actions that are negatively interpreted in our cultures and diffuse in the media, which in turn, form prejudice and discrimination that structure systems to target minority groups. The two most frequent racial stereotypes in cultural and social agendas are popular culture and the media. Both frame images of African Americans and utilize the images to provide inequality. Popular culture reveals the white superiority and a racial hierarchy atmosphere in our society that…show more content…
Thus, assuming their own culture is better than others. The combination of faulty generalizations, which results in stereotypes and stems from ethnocentrism, is the prejudice that brings inequality to racial groups, in this case, African Americans. The Plessey vs. Ferguson Supreme Court case is one of the solutions that whites solve cultural differences, separated but equal. The law is a norm that defines the boundary between black and white performed by political authority and shows how whites are favored where their culture is priority. The portrayals of black women from manufacturers show the social control where whites established and set 'a way ' for black women to behave that is the approved way for them to be in the society. The media proves how blacks ' identities are based on others and continue to inform more people, since childhood, to define them in that way. The 1987 documentary, Ethnic Notions directed by Marion Riggs shows how powerful the media is in distorting the views of African Americans. From the film, there are a lot of deep-rooted stereotypes about black people that echo in the society. Some stereotypes about black men that still exist in people are criminals, rappers, and evil-spirituals. It contains a story about a black man who is portrayed as a wicked person and stalks a white lady for his sexual needs.
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